At Fantasy Toys we provide various ways to pay for your order so you can choose the one that suits you best, making every effort to make your purchases from our online store as easy and safe as possible.

Your payment is made upon delivery of the parcel. It is the simplest way without using a credit card but its administrative cost forces us to charge your order with the amount of 2€.

The most economical way of payment which if combined with the possibilities provided by all banks through e-banking can be completed from your computer without the need to go to a branch. Once you complete your order and if you choose this as a payment method in the automated order confirmation e-mail you will receive, there will be the bank accounts of Fantasy Toys in the partner banks (NATIONAL BANK, EUROBANK) to complete the transfer of the amount via e-banking or go to the nearest store to make the payment.

With your order, the goods are bound for you until you complete or payment. This commitment is valid until noon on the next working day at 14:30. Until then, you must have completed their payment and have sent us a copy of the deposit either by e-mail at, or simply inform us by phone at 2109919427 during the opening hours of the store. If payment is not completed by noon on the next business day, your order may be cancelled and the products may be released. In case you delay the completion of the payment please inform us at 2109919427 to exclude this possibility.


You can pay for your order using your personal card through the secure link of the National Bank of Greece.

We also accept payment via PayPal, with which you can make your purchase by paying from your account balance or by credit card securely.

If you choose to pick up your order from our store, you have the option to pay upon receipt. We will be happy to meet you in person to show you the wide variety of games.

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